New York Times Will Print "Pussy," But Not "Cock"

Categories: Media

They've run articles about the Russian punk group Pussy Riot without putting asterisks in the name or changing it in any way.

But in reviewing the play Cock, the paper of record called it Cockfight Play and explained that the real title was unprintable.

Could they be deluding themselves into thinking that Pussy Riot is actually a play on cats?

Well, if so the play Cock has a double meaning, as it's not just about male genitals but also about a human version of a cockfight, as the Times' made-up title for it would suggest.

No, this is just a case of flat-out hypocrisy.

But I'm glad that it's Pussy Riot--the victims of oppression and censorship--that are the ones not being censored in this case.

Still, I wish the media wouldn't be such pussies.

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