Photo of Michael Douglas And Matt Damon As Liberace And His Lover

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It's in the attached link, a writeup about the upcooming HBO movie Beyond The Candelabra, directed by Steven Soderbergh, in which Oscar winner Michael Douglas plays the keyboard tinkler who inspired pianist envy, while Matt Damon is his soon-to-be-disgruntled beau slash chauffeur Scott Thorson.

The shot is from a scene in the '70s whereby Lee and his trade are shopping for a gigantic car, probably so they can add it to a clunky necklace.

Do they have the style down?

Are they gay enough?

Could anyone be gay enough?

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Be my Maestro, Lee,

Passion more seen, soul more heard,

Play Liberace,

Piano's rosetta stone,

Maestro music is that way.


Shirtless Matt adore,

Twirl your bike helmet for bull.

Whirl your red silk shirt,

Poolside by moonlight, ballet,

Lee key-dance Malaguena.


they should do a film about all his devoted fans back in the day.

so, is damon going to phony penetrate douglas? or is douglas going to playact going down on damon? or are they going to hold hands and skip to my loo?


The casting call info is available on The Kats Report yesterday, on the Las Vegas Sun website, along with a really cute portrait painting of Liberace.

An open casting call for extras is set for Sunday and Monday at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Kats take on the pictures of Michael and Matt : "Both actors appear pretty convincing, suitably dated and well-attired."


never liked him, creeped me out and I didn't like his schtick or tired piano playing. 

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Oh, god. I think Douglas looks more like Roy Orbison or Johnny Cash, than Liberace.


I guess that's their car-shopping look. Hopefully the more elaborate stuff will look more like the photo above.


Matt looks actually cuter than Thorson and is in the right style, but something about Michael Douglas looks more like Pacino than Liberace.