Sarah Palin Bumped By Fox News Last Night

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You'd think the last Republican Vice Presidential candidate would be a good person to speak about the current Republican National Convention, especially since she's on the channel's payroll anyway.

But Sarah Palin was bumped from her Fox TV appearances last night, as the lady herself admitted on her wildly literate Facebook page.

And she was dying to go on TV and talk a lot about the wonders of John McCain the war hero and his glorious truths, which were besmirched by the biased press four years ago, blah blah.

Gosh, the woman is not only unwavering in her demonizing of "the liberal media," but she's as loyal to her old comrades as an Alaskan husky.

I guess she still hasn't seen Game Change.

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Roger Ailes, her boss at Fox, didn't want to remind any undecided voters about McCain's VP pick last time. John thought Sarah was a better choice than Mitt. 

msbpodcast 2 Like

Looks like the ASPCA has told her to stop putting lipstick on.

BetteD 1 Like

In the photo she looks so much like -- Julianne Moore.

normadesmond 1 Like

like a clogged toilet, she'll rise again.

jackson30 topcommenter 2 Like

If I had known she wasn't on, I would have watched!

ladybug9 1 Like

Like they want some used-up dishrag to come on and blow smoke up the ass of the guy who lost in a landslide last time around! She just doesn't get how irrelevant she is.