Starbucks Appreciation Day Isn't Percolating Much

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Yesterday I urged you to go to a Starbucks today to show support for a place that's pro-same-sex marriage.

It pained me to beg people to patronize a business that's gentrified formerly interesting neighborhoods with overpriced lattes.

But they have positive views on this particular topic, and a rally of support was important as a rebuke to the dummos who lined up to support Chick- Fil-A as flag-waving patriots for being so brave as to feel gays don't deserve equal rights.

Well, I went to the Starbucks on Astor Place a little while ago and there were people there, but it wasn't swarming.

There were about 18 gay-positive coffee lovers on line--a decent amount--and 40-50 folks scattered throughout the establishment.

But it didn't feel like a happening.

It was OK, but it was hardly Chick Fil-A-MAZING.

Either we've become too complacent about this issue or the event just wasn't organized and promoted with enough vehemence.

And now it seems like we may have lost this particular battle, especially since the haters cagily framed their actions as being pro-freedom-of-speech.

And yet, there's still time.

Ready for some gay latte, anyone?

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DontRecall 2 Like

"Either we've become too complacent about this issue or the event just wasn't organized and promoted with enough vehemence."


Or - just perhaps - there aren't that many people who support the"gay" desire to twist society into their peculiar lifestyle.

TheAnswer 2 Like

So gay...gays have been an embarrasement to society forever...its a twisted mindset, not a preference. Am I allowed to marry and make love to a dog? No.

Dan1045 3 Like

Seems like you can't even rouse a good appreciate day.  That speaks for itself like nothing else can.  I would think coffee would be the bomb.

russburgett 5 Like

Well tough tooties.  We exist.  Get over it.


Yes, you exist as a genetic flaw that is irreverent to the gene pool. Gay "marriage" will not supply you with the title of  normalcy that you are looking for - sorry.

bndkllr2 2 Like

I think the lack of turnout from the gays only undercuts the CFA supporters arguments.  If, like they say, we were all focused on attacking CFA and trying to ban the restaurants, we would have turned out with our supporters in droves, just like the CFA crowd did.  But, actually, we have more important things to do, like take care of our families and go to work.The real villians in all this weren't gay people or supporters of "traditional marriage" but the politicians on either side who stired up this stupid nonissue.  I've talked to many of my gay friends, and none of them think CFA should be outright banned from their city.  They just don't intend to patronize them, which is their right.

bndkllr2 1 Like

I'll bet the ones most opposed to marriage are happy about CFA right now.  It takes the focus off why we should ban marriage.  Because there are no good reasons to.  They were given a chance several dozen times in some of the most conservative courts, and they failed 95% of the time.  But oh, they sure can crawl over broken glass to pull a lever or eat a sandwich to show their dislike of same gender relationships.  Well tough tooties.  We exist.  Get over it.


I blame HRC and our supposed "leaders" who sat this entire fight out.  Where the hell were they?

russburgett 7 Like

"Either we've become too complacent about this issue or the event just wasn't organized and promoted with enough vehemence."



Or here's a thought... People just don't care about "your" issue.

davidjk641776 5 Like

Actually, the problem was, Obama did not have enough time to funnel funds to another OWS type sit and shart pogrom.

davidjk641776 5 Like

Hold the foam! I am sure we will get some reports that there was millions of lattes saved or created shortly from your standard outlets. Obama channel 1, 2, 3, 4 or maybe 5 is putting together a carefully orchestrated campaign of facts aka lies.

sstroud3400 6 Like

That worked about as well as your hopey/changey hokum.


A few strident voices does not a moral majority make.


Now if Starbucks gave away lattes for free you'd see big crowds...


 @sstroud3400 Yeah  big crowds full of the same fat ass rednecks that were at your little gathering. 


 @poeticetiquette at least we drew crowds.


And the crowds at Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day will look like nothing compared to the conservative turnout in November

docweasel 6 Like

"cagily framed", as in, they sincerely and actually DID believe in not only freedom of speech, but freedom of religion. You do realize that at least half the country (and a vast majority of voters, if state referenda on the subject have been any guide) disagree with you that the definition of marriage should be changed to fit the sexual proclivities of a small minority of the 4% of the population which is gay. Christians don't hate people living a gay lifestyle, they believe they it is a destructive and sinful lifestyle, and to try to promote that lifestyle would be damaging to those they hope to help. That's what love is, helping your fellow man and keeping him from hurting himself, if at all possible, and not standing idly by while he does so. It certainly doesn't include _helping_ him hurt himself by removing impediments and the stigma associated with deviant behavior. Calling every person who does not share your sexual proclivities or think they are natural or benign a bigot is itself intolerant and bigoted.

lornerussell952 7 Like

"since the haters cagily framed their actions as being pro-freedom-of-speech."


There is nothing "cagey" about it.  That is exactly the reason why so many people supported Chik-Fil-A .  The majority of Americans could care less about gay marriage.  But they sure care about free speech and the right of every citizen to express themselves without fear of retribution from pandering politicians.


Even the fearless Obama was against gay marriage.  Then he took some polls, decided there was no danger of losing votes on this issue, so he courageously changed his position.   What a man (are we allowed to say that anymore?)


 You may have lost this battle, but you've already won the war.  So give it up.  Go enjoy your latte,   and respect other people's right to hold and express an opinion different from yours.

buzz4t 2 Like

So you support Starbucks because they replaced local coffee shops?  Hey! This mind reading thing is fun.  I thought I was in favor of free speech, but you tell me I actually dont feel gays deserve equal rights.  And all this despite my history of voting for gay marriage.  So I can only assume you support driving local coffee shops out of business and want to show your support for that continued effort.

fourpmfox 3 Like

Not too much bias here, no,no no!

Let's see:  "flag-waving patriots for being so brave as to feel gays don't deserve equal rights"... "the haters cagily framed their actions as being pro-freedom-of-speech"...Pretty snarky, not to mention dishonest.

Don't get me started on the grammar and usage.

Frob 7 Like

Starbucks hasn't been threatened by fascistic big city mayors.

headbanger_11421 5 Like

OK? Turnout was  horrible. It's not easy to get people to come out and support their beliefs when they really aren't under threat.

sstroud3400 5 Like

 @headbanger_11421 Or when libs have to pay for the product.  What, no taxpayer stimulus funds?  Isn't there a welfare program for that?

poeticetiquette 1 Like

 @sstroud3400 Yeah cause the fat ass rednecks at our chick-fil-a aren't the same fat ass rednecks on welfare, and trying to get shit for free every chance they get at all the restaurants here. Sure it's the liberals who are doing that. Yeah OK. -.-

abovag 1 Like

There are MUCH fewer Chick-fil-A's then there are Starbucks...there are Starbucks on every corner (sometimes 2 on the same corner). The Chick-fil-A's are few and far between...I think that was the main problem. And also that it wasn't well promoted either, I told many people to go who hadn't even heard of it...

sstroud3400 3 Like

 @abovag Even a 10% increase in sales would have been screamed from the liberal press headlines.  Libs won't walk half a block for their beliefs but the hardworking, taxpaying public will take time out of their day to drive to a Chick Fil A (which are not on every street corner as you correctly point out) and then wait in a long line without reverting to smashing windows, raping  or defecating on cop cars.


When one has deeply held values and not just the flavor of the day liberal catch phrase it's amazing how true one is are to the cause.

poeticetiquette 1 Like

 @sstroud3400 Oh you mean the beer bellied brainwashed unemployed red necks using their welfare checks to buy chicken sandwhiches? Yeah I thought that's what you meant. The rest of us "liberals" were at work in the middle of this Chick-fil-A-WEEKDAY.


I don't think this event was particularly well promoted. The only place I read about it was here. I'm not saying Michael doesn't have millions of readers, but...

poeticetiquette 1 Like

 @exackerly I didn't hear about it until tonight, and from reading this article none-the-less. It wasn't well promoted at all. Not to mention it lacked the political stunt to bring out the zombies to promote it. It's amazing what people respond to isn't it? 

OCgirl 4 Like

It has nothing to do with not wanting to give gays equal rights. It has to do with the fact that politicians said they wouldn't allow their establishment (Chick Fil A) in their cities because of their personal view. That is a HUGE problem. We also want to keep marriage traditional. Marriage was born of religion. If gays fought for Civil Union to be equal to marriage then they'd have several new supporters. 

poeticetiquette 1 Like

 @OCgirl Way to fall for the proverbial political stunt to get you to blindly support a well known hate group funding corporation. Nice to know that it doesn't take much to get the people of this country to continue to support the same old religious shit in our government. Our founding fathers are rolling in their freaking graves.

tjflorida 2 Like

I went and got a latte today.  I knew that we wouldn't have the lines that Westboro Baptist Chicken had last week.  The quip from a number of years back about "Starbucks opening a new Starbucks in the bathroom of the Grand Central Starbucks" went through my mind.


But Starbucks has put themselves on the line for us so I think they deserve our support whether we're able to create a big media specticle or not.  Don't forget about the Brian and Maggie "Dump Starbucks" campaign which they threatened to run in Middle Eastern coutries that are hostile to gays.  They also filed a legal brief in support of overturning DOMA and their CEO slapped down NOM forces that tried to peddle hate at their shareholder meeting.

sstroud3400 4 Like

 @tjflorida If I were a CEO I'd look at the groundswell of support Chick Fil A got, compare it to the business disaster of Carbonite, the lack of support Starbucks is getting and get in line behind the people who stand for free speech.


 @sstroud3400 Yep lets line up and support the hate groups, because the politicians pulled a political stunt and wrapped it up as support of free speech to do so.  


 @poeticetiquette name these "hate groups"


the only hate groups I've seen are the people who hate those who disagree with them.


people like you

onepotato 3 Like

Haters? What a crock of shit. What bilious noise. What a bunch of whining, imbecilic self pity. I attended Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and also the Kiss-In. No flag waver me, you presumptuous fool. But guess what? Straight-arrow, Rightwing Death Merchant that I am, I was the only one to attend. THE ONLY ONE! And I sported my custom made pink T shirt for the event. So bitch away, bitches. The facts are in on all these "demonstrations" and they all demonstrate one thing universally. Whether gay or straight or any other demographic, the simple fact is that MY long-time position on this alleged "issue" is that of the overwhelming majority. I don't care. And neither do you, meaning gay Americans collectively. Now, off to Starbucks and I don't even drink coffee. Jeez, what a bunch of crybabies you  cocksuckers are.

poeticetiquette 1 Like

 @onepotato Well lets just all hop on to the I-don't-care-about-anything-but myself-train and see where that takes us in life. Oh wait we already have, and it landed us where we are. Trillions of dollars in debt, and losing our rights left and right. Great idea! -.-

bndkllr2 1 Like


 I have seen so many CFA supporters say, "But this isn't about hate."

My question is, "But is it about love?"  I think we both know the answer to that one.


I wish they would have donated part of their proceeds for today to marriage equality or a LGBT charity. I think they would have had a bigger turn out. However, I often buy their overpriced coffee so I'll be going there today too.

sstroud3400 3 Like

 @Andrea Why does your "cause" need to be bribed?  Are you that entitled or just that self absorbed?

bndkllr2 1 Like


 I guess all the heterosexual people who want to get married are "self absorbed" too, right?

stevebrandonottawa 2 Like

No matter what the turnout, you're not going to get as long lines at each individual Starbucks as what you saw at Chick-Fil-A last week for the simple mathematic reason that there are far more Starbucks locations than there are Chick-Fil-A locations, especially in liberal cities.



 we have no starbucks, as my town has no idiots willing to pay for overpriced coffee. or consider hanging at out a place like that in any way "fun". kinda of disgusting place actually, just based on the patrons from what i've seen. peace bro.

brandy 3 Like

 @stevebrandonottawa Actually, in my city there are 3 Chick-fil-A's and one Starbucks.  Every Chick-fil-A had 1-3 hour waits to even get in the door.  Starbucks, business as usual.  And I am pretty sure that the sales from the Starbucks day didn't even compare to the Chick-fil-A day.  Nice try though.

mgcullin 1 Like

 @stevebrandonottawa Then let's see what the receipts are for the day, see if there was a big surge of business or if was just another day like any other.