"Adele Computer" And Other Great New Drag Names

Categories: Drag Queens

By any name, this queen is special. Photo by Colin Shanley
My favorite drag names are silly, punny ones because they show wit, wonder, and occasionally a hint of raunch.

And my favorite game of all is to make some of them up myself.

So here goes.

Line up, start taking, and then start tucking:

Adele Computer

Jean Jacket

Cass Cow

Sudie Bastards

Hope Floats

Jane Reaction

Cher Alike

Bette Yourlife

Bea Italian

Liza DaMind

Pia Myface

Nancy Boy

Bonnie Scotland

Cathay Pacific

Kaye Why

Mia Culpa

Nikka Time

Pina Limplant

Emma Nems

Grace Period

May Eye

Crystal Ball

Lauren Order

Terry Cloth

Rita Book

Miss Da Point

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