Amanda Bynes' Mug Shot After DUI Incident

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Not as perky as Sally Struthers', but nowhere near as bad as, say, Nick Nolte's.

Bynes managed to pull it together despite what's been described as "an ashy pink dye job" she's sporting.

(Bynes was in the movie of Hairspray!. The girl should know better.)

She should also lay off the sauce.

But I like her!

She told me she's a fan of mine and I like anyone who's a fan of mine!

(And she wasn't drunk when she said that.)

So here's hoping Bynes gets out of her bind and also finds a new hairdresser.

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@mikeymusto Amanda has full eye makeup & blow out -- was she expecting to be pulled over? But if she is a fan of Mr Musto, I hold my tongue.


She actually looks OK, and is even made up, though the face is a little shiny. Didn't you say that's a crime unto itself?