Best Buffet Of The Year: Boardwalk Empire Bash!

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Just when I've gotten used to fighting for Triscuits in public, last night restored a hack journalist's faith that there's money out there somewhere and people will actually spend it on food for the comp-buffets-to-munch bunch.

After a Ziegfeld screening of Boardwalk Empire's third season premiere, HBO had a splashy party for it at Cipriani 42nd Street, and trust me, there hasn't been this much food in one room since Shelley Winters died.

On entering, I saw a glistening row of grilled vegetables, shallots, seafood salad, and other culinary delectables.

Then came a table with various types of pasta (one with spinach, one with tomato sauce, etc.), followed by a setup overflowing with clams, oysters, and shrimp by the ton, plus all the trimmings, including sauce, horseradish, and just the right crackers.

After that, I waddled by a table with obscenely large bowls of rice, asparagus, and chicken, and then a food station with oodles of brussels sprouts and roast beef, simmering in their native juices.

Keep walking if you dared and you found a whole other array of pastas and veggies and bread, oh my--all screaming "Love me! Eat me! Now!"

Just as I was about to toddle home to fall over and explode like the Hindenburg, I realized that on the other side of the room, there was dessert heaven!

My eyes fixed on plate after plate of fruit, meringues, cookies, and cakes, plus a guy standing there scooping out ice cream to put on top of some warm chocolate thingie.

Clearly I had died and gone to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

This was edible porn, a bawdy buffet for the hungry of soul, spirit, and stomach, and I indulged in it like a hustler at a nursing home.

The whole event, by the way, was done as a New Year's party bringing in 1923 (as in the show), so it's possible the whole thing was a mirage.


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It sounds as fabulous as the Romney VIP fundraisers in the Hamptons.

I don't know why David Koch didn't invite you to his.

Ask him the next time you see him at the Met.


Glad to hear HBO's still raking it in and putting it out.