Reverend Moon's People: "Don't Call Us Moonies!"

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Religions get very touchy when they perceive media slights. (See Scientology, All right, don't see Scientology.)

So when the New York Times wrote an obit for Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church leaders got agitated, saying, for one thing, that the paper's use of the word "Moonies" was very bad form.

In an open letter to the Times' executive editor, they say:

"First, you use the term 'Moonie' which is discriminatory, bigoted and contrary to your own policy....

"In addition, we want to underscore that using the word with qualifications as was done in your article by saying 'derisively known as Moonies' is just as hurtful as if the hate language were used directly as a label.

"Certainly you don't refer to African-Americans with the caveat of 'derisively known as n.......ers'?"

In another harsh warning, I'm alerting the press to never call me Roman Catholic!

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Exactly, ladybug! I got that it was a bit of pointed humor and so did everyone else. It's a shame that Trace-of-a-brain didn't.


Hey moron (Trace), Musto is a humorist and he was making a joke. Got it? But it was a play on words that also had truth to it.  In other words, he was saying that to be called Roman Catholic is in itself derogatory because of the hate they propagate. Musto is gay and in case you don't know, he left the church because of its issues about sexuality, women, etc. 


His comment was a fully intentional bit of pointed humor about how calling him a Catholic would be a slur.


Got it?????


So before you lecture someone on wordplay, you should learn what it is.


"In another harsh warning, I'm alerting the press to never call me Roman Catholic!"


Not quite the same thing. "Roman Catholic" is the proper, appropriate term for adherents of that religion. "Moonie" is a derogatory slang term, like calling a Jew a "kike" or a Muslim a "towelhead" and so on.


If you can't understand that, then you need to stop killing your brain cells and start thinking like a human being.


Is it OK to not use the second M in Mormon? 

BosonStark 1 Like

What in the world/moon do they want to be called? Lunatologists? I remember the first time I was approached in an airport, back in the 70s, by a young woman bearing a flower, and I thought "How nice -- a flower child." Then after she handed it to me, gave me a piece of vague moonie literature and wanted a donation, I handed the flower back. She seemed a little pissed.


I had a friend in college who went missing for a year, came back and told me he spent it with the moonies -- got married in one of their mass marriage things -- but had now recovered. Too bad some people get stuck in these cults for decades.


I still kind of admire the moonies, asking you for a dollar or two, instead of the 50 the clams want -- $50,000 that is -- just a down payment on your bridge to total Xenu. (But, they'll help you take out a loan, if you can't afford it.)

bethesda topcommenter

Methinks the Moonies doth protest too much.

jackson30 topcommenter 1 Like

To the moon, Alice!