Gay Marriage Taking Place On Broadway!

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Richie Jackson And Jordan Roth.jpg
Jackson, Roth. Photo: Walter McBride/Retna Ltd.

I hear that Broadway producer Jordan Roth (who's President of Jujamcyn Theaters) is marrying agent/producer Richie Jackson (who produces Nurse Jackie) this Saturday onstage at one of Jordan's Broadway theaters, with a huge after-party at Roseland.

Talk about high drama!

Approximately six hundred people were invited, and believe me, it will be a Broadway who's who of who's worth getting a signed Playbill from.

I wish these kids well.

Jordan has always been a mensch (as is his mama, Darryl Roth) and Richie (who's B.D. Wong's ex) briefly agented me when I needed someone to work out a deal for a TV thing in L.A. some years ago.

After I made him go through all the work, I then freaked out and didn't sign, which I still feel a teensy bit guilty about.

But in lieu of sending flowers to the wedding, I'll sit back and rest easy, knowing that Richie will sign.

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$1.5 million price tag, they're saying....



This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius....


Looks like a nice couple. And power is the greatest aphrodysiac.