Guess Why Unemployment Just Went Down?

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The new monthly jobs report states that unemployment went down to 8.1%, which would be cause for rejoicing in the streets, except for the reason for that decline:

Disappointed people simply dropped out of the labor force!

In other words, they're so over the whole unemployment thing they're not even going to look for work anymore!

And unemployment numbers only include those who are actively seeking a job.

That's horrific--a truly rotten way to get unemployment statistics down.

In other figures, 96,000 new jobs were created, which is not devastating, but nowhere near as many as was hoped.

And the whole thing leaves a sadly poignant twist to last night's DNC speeches, which were ecstatic reveries about how far we've come in four years!

The reality is the country is still in a deep, depressing economic well, and drastic measures are going to have to be taken.

I'll stay with Obama/Biden, though.

With Romney/Ryan, we'd go totally over the cliff, so don't count me in their statistic.

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......conversly don't forget when the economy improves and those discouraged start to look for work again the unemployment number will INCREASE and go up....because more are now looking for work.......thus discouraging some that will make the unemployment go down again when they drop out and are not around and around we go.............. 


From other items on your link:

Unemployment running out, boomers retiring, students going back to school, parents quitting to raise kids; ‘‘discouraged’’ workers doesn’t fully capture the phenomenon.


 Unemployment would be much lower if state and local government hiring had helped out.-

In normal recoveries, government hiring helps economies rebound from recessions.

Not this time. When you count the 7,000 public-sector jobs lost in August, governments at all levels — federal, state and local — have slashed 670,000 jobs since the recession ended in June 2009. By contrast, private companies have added 3.5 million jobs.It’s the first time since World War II that governments have shed jobs this deep into an economic recovery. At this point — three years and two months — into the nine previous postwar recoveries, government jobs had risen an average 8 percent.

This time, they’re down 3 percent.



This is pretty terrifying--especially because it could lead the way for Romney to win.


Tragique! But what will those drastic measures be??