I'm In The Toronto International Film Festival!

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And here's a review:

"How can you turn down a film that has Michael Musto, Donna Summer, and the Village People?

"It's simply not possible. Submit and let The Secret Disco Revolution have its way with you."

The documentary by Jamie Kastner is a look at the subversive, explosive, exciting messages that disco set to a seemingly mindless thumping beat, pumping socially progressive ideas to go with your drugs and line dances.

It was actually a secret way to liberate gays, blacks, and women--and I happen to be all three!

The film already played the fest on Saturday, but there's another screening this Thursday, so put on your boogie boots, run up to Toronto, and prepare to dance the Lady Bump into the night.

And yes, this is one revolution you can wear polyester for.

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bethesda topcommenter

latenitebump and intelligence don't belong in the same sentence.


no one can accurately doc disco. usually, these docs come as commercial and don´t doc the true essence of the scene. the only person who actually conceptualizes disco was nile rodgers.

and donna summer and michasel musto don´t belong in the same sentence.


submit and let the Ohio Players have their way with you - FIRE!

jackson30 topcommenter

I knew you were a black woman, but I didn't know you were gay!!!


Experience Music Project in Seattle had an exhibit about 10 years ago that made exactly the same point. Glad to see the doc will give it a wider hearing. Congrats, Michael!