I Want A Vagina!

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Is that too much to ask?

I'm craving a big, heavy one, even if it's been pored over and fingered a bit.

I'll take one that's worn out, dog-eared, and rummaged through, as long as it's still usable.

I'm talking about Vagina: A New Biography, the current work by Naomi Wolf, author of 1991's The Beauty Myth.

This review says that Woolf not only delves into the "profound brain-vagina connection," she discusses whether the vagina should be the preferable seat of power.

While Wolf feels past feminists dissed the vagina as "retro, housewifey, and passé" since they were more interested in "reglamorizing the clitoris," Wolf praises the golden crescent and its life-changing allure.

Concludes reviewer Ariel Levy:

"Wolf has found a mistress we must please, serve, and honor.

"There is a new dominatrix in town.

"And her name is Vagina."

Oh, goodie!

Is she at the Strand?

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What's that smell like fish, O Mikey?


That Eve Ensler sure started something, didn't she?


Yes, she is indeed at the Strand.


I have one... you can have it. It's hardly been used, but it's defective. It doesn't look like the ones in them porn movies and mags. It hates me too. All it does it fuss and bitch and moan. I will sell it to you at a bargain basement (get it, down below)  price!  And remember, even if you don't have a use for a thing, that don't mean you shouldn't own it, I learned that on Hoarders. ;-)