Lady Gaga Thanks Borough Prez Who Didn't Call Her A Slut

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One of the more shameful remarks in recent history had Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro referring to Lady Gaga as a "slut" because she was photographed smoking a joint in Amsterdam.

He said the singer is a terrible role model for kids, I guess feeling that one puffing action erased all of her activism, positive messages, and inspiration.

Maybe he doesn't even know that this is the Lady who loudly battled bullying, DADT, and unfair marital restrictions.

(More likely, he doesn't agree with her on any of that.)

Well, she's lashed back.

And she's done it by rising above and thanking someone in a similar position who actually praised her.

In the wake of "slut"-gate, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer defended Gaga in an interview, saying she's "a social activist and a real leader for marriage equality in this country."

So Gaga tweeted him:

"thanku for your support of my activism as a new yorker. You show political integrity + a modern vernacular."

Which I already knew.

Stringer's the guy who declared Michael Musto Appreciation Day in June!

And I'm no slut.

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