Drag Performer Has Another Testicular Accident!

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Photo by Gerry Visco
I'll let Leo Gugu tell the story himself:

"When I was fifteen, while I was dancing, I had a testicular torsion.

"They did surgery leaving me with one testicle.

"On Thursday night, during the end of the evening at about 3:40 AM, two songs before My Chiffon is Wet [the weekly party at Eastern Bloc] was over, I went out with a bang and performed 'Last Dance' by Donna Summer with the last dregs of the late night club kid partygoers.

"I jumped on the pole with my usual devil-may-care enthusiasm, but on my way down I felt something go wrong.

"Due to my testicular condition, I've never tucked, but I do wear a dance belt to protect my manhood, seeing as my look is more about androgyny. I'd rather be a pretty queen than a pretty girl.

"I felt something was wrong by the time of last call, but during the cab ride home, I started experiencing horrible stomach cramps and nausea. I could feel my testicle was in a weird position.

"Me and Gerry Visco stopped at our apartment and we cabbed it up to the Mt. Sinai emergency room. They were excellent and after an ultrasound decided to send me to the operating room.

"The good news is they didn't have to remove my testicle, which had I waited much longer would have 'died.' So now I can still have children and don't have to take hormones for the rest of my life.

"The bad news is I'm missing all my parties and my job as a salesperson at Patricia Field so I'm homebound for two to three weeks.

"I'm just glad that I still have a ball!"

And he'll really be having a ball as soon as he's up and at 'em and back at the clubs!

Photo by Gerry Visco

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wolf15 like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

Gugu ... Kisses from the Sundermann's

chroasian like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

feel better and take care of the little guy..


Just wanna say that the Mt. Sinai emergency room was excellent.  We didn't have to wait and they were super nice and got him into surgery a few hours later after arriving.  Nonetheless, sitting in a hospital in the wee hours of the night with a testicular malfunction is a total bummer and who expects an accident like that.  @Leo Gugu Gugu is doing well and recuperating and will be back in action later in the month so go get your chiffon WET on Thursdays at Eastern Bloc!!  


GUGU I love you. You've given your balls for us.


That's why I never pole dance.


Yikes. That hurts. Wish him well.