Lewis Black: "Romney's So White He Makes Dubya Looks Jamaican!"

Categories: Comedy

Fiery comic Lewis Black talked to me for a rollicking romp of a column on the eve of his Broadway engagement, Running on Empty.

Black is the hilarious ranter who hates both sides of the political spectrum, telling me Romney is pasty and pathetic, Paul Ryan is clinically insane, and Obama is so boring he's like a giant tortoise laying on his back and desperately trying to roll over.

You will enjoy this column whether you're a Dem or a Repub--and even more so if you hate Dems or Repubs.

Mighty white of me, I know.

As a bonus, Black hates bad theater too and he goes into some fuming about that.

But he's pretty compassionate about why so many of the current female comics are laceratingly bitchy onstage.

And no, it's not because they wear too much bronzer.

Anyway, enjoy.

He'll yell so you don't have to.

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how about: romney is so white he doesn´t need a sheet over his head.


Thanks for the interview, but I miss the voice inflections and pointing fingers.

What he says is almost as much fun as the way he says it.


I can't believe he's going to be on Broadway! That's pretty amazing--for Broadway, I mean They need more screaming like that.