Melissa Leo: "I Was Told I Was Too Old And Not Big Enough Box Office!"

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She won an Oscar for her hard-driving mama in The Fighter, but in her new movie Francine, Melissa Leo takes a total U-turn and rocks all over again.

My new column describes how Leo plays an introverted, traumatized ex-con taking baby steps towards adjustment in this arty, carefully done work.

Melissa tells me all about it, and then some.

She also reveals what the Oscar experience was like--including her controversial ad campaign and the vaudeville turn done by Kirk Douglas as people waited to hear who won in her category.

And she talks openly about whatever frustrations are inherent in not being part of the movie-star club that makes kazillions.

"But aren't you in that club?" I wondered, sincerely.

"You wouldn't be saying that if you were my accountant," she deadpanned.

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Check out Melissa Leo in a great little no-budget indie called BOTTLED UP directed by Enid Zentelis. Melissa plays the codependent mother of a girl who is addicted to pain killers...It is a terrific little no budget film and Melissa Leo turns in a riveting performance. At times she is funny and flirtatious, and at times she goes through such excrutiating pain....she is a genius as an actor and she elevates anything she is in and makes it miles better, always gives 200 per cent ---as she did in that memorable Louis episode. Check out BOTTLED UP!


Awesome interview!  Love her!   I love watching her in Treme as well.


Melissa's appearance on "Louie" was the funniest thing I've seen all year.

"Strap on the feed bag," if you know what I mean.


And she deserves the biggest trailer in the world after that Oscar winning turn in Fighter.