More Photos Of Half-Clad Fire Island Guys

Categories: Gaaaaayyyyyy

Spartacus 018.jpg
The "Spartacus" well never runs dry, thanks to Koitz's sumptuous photos of the guys who cavorted around like Roman slaves at the Daniel Nardicio event at the Belvedere on Saturday.

Enjoy--and try to keep that fringed leather belt down.

Spartacus 05.jpg

Spartacus 01.jpg

Spartacus 02.jpg

Spartacus 03.jpg

Spartacus 04.jpg

Spartacus 06.jpg

Spartacus 07.jpg

Spartacus 08.jpg

Spartacus 09.jpg

Spartacus 010.jpg

Spartacus 011.jpg

Spartacus 012.jpg

Spartacus 014.jpg

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