My Fashion Week Look Was Major

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Moi with beauty editor PJ Gach
This week's column, as you know, is a riotous romp through Fashion's Night Out, including my encounters with reality stars, singers, and even a pig.

But there was more.

I went to some actual shows, like Academy of Art University's, which trotted out students' touchingly inventive designs in hopes of giving them a break while giving us the chance to see young talent just beginning to percolate.

And Zang Toi--whom I always adore--beckoned, but I went to the wrong check-in counter!

Through it all, above is the look I was usually serving.

Simple blue shirt.

Lovely patterned scarf from Lanya.

Striped pants.

And of course socks and sandals.


"Wearing the scarf as if it were a tie and letting it hang all the way down is inspired and will probably start a trend," a fashion fabbie gushed to me at Lincoln Center.

As if I didn't know.

Sept. 7th, 2012 116.jpg
Photo: Chris Garrett

Sept. 7th, 2012 118.jpg
Photog Chris Garrett and I.

Moi and another admirer, Lisa Perry

Academy of Art University show. photo: Alex Geana

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