Paris Hilton's Gay Comments: Let Me Put This In Perspective

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Several years ago, Paris Hilton was on the cover of Out magazine as someone gays liked and who liked gays.

I sort of believed her about it because I did the interview!

I was even shown on The Simple Life asking her the questions!

In her house!

But now a crafty cab driver has released a secretly recorded conversation between Paris and a friend in the back seat.

Discussing Grindr, the socialite says gays are "disgusting" and "the horniest people in the world" and adds that they will all "like, die of AIDS".

Well, first of all, let no person throw stones who can state without question that everything they've said in the back seat of a cab would pass the white-glove test and reek of Nobel-Prize-worthy acceptability.

Hearing self-righteous screechings from people who say just as awful stuff in public forums is a tad irritating.

Secondly, many of us have made critical remarks about Grindr, Manhunt, and the like.

(I just recently wrote about the behavior there, which sometimes comes with prejudices--"No fats, no femmes"--but sans precautions.)

Having said that, let me add that Paris's comments are not cool--they're extreme and stereotypical--especially coming from someone who became famous thanks to a sex tape.

She should spread lovelier messages--as long as she doesn't quote her beloved bible--and hang out with more literate friends.

And stop using "like"! That's offensive.

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Paris Hilton is a complete trash. Just because we're gay doesn't mean we all have HIV. She is soo brain dead. Why is she still relevant?


Does anyone know what article he's referring to where he talk about behavior on Grindr or have the link? I'd love to hear his thoughts on it!

jackson30 topcommenter

Um, isn't that sort of what Musto said?


Isn't she entitled to some privacy?  I'm on Grindr, I'm gay, I love your column, but it's gross to hold her accountable for a secretly taped conversation.  I think the cab driver's license should be suspended.  


She is the result of the sperm that got away. Therefore, I take nothing she says, seriously. She is so insignificant to my world, I don't even know why I'm commenting. Oh, probably to pass the time while I take a shit.


My question is why does anyone care what she thinks?

blissbaby 1 Like

I agree too. And saying gays are "the horniest people in the world" isn't exactly a dis or something we would easily disagree with.


I agree, Michael - the remarks are in response to what the friend says about Grindr  - so not as crazily homophobic as they sound out of context.