Patti LuPone And Debra Winger Meet-And-Greet Us

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In David Mamet's imminent play The Anarchist, Patti LuPone plays the incarcerated title character, trying to swing some favors from warden Debra Winger.

But in real life, they love each other, even after four whole days of rehearsal.

The great actresses met us at a press event today, and bestowed each other (and Mamet) with terms of endearment.

Winger said this is her Broadway debt and deadpanned, "It's hard to find things to do for the first time at my age that aren't illegal or life threatening."

Amazingly, Winger's background fits this play; she said she was a sociology major and was interested in the criminal rehabilitation system--"until I found out I was a juvenile delinquent," she added with a grin.

And the play has meaty ideas and polemics that she likes.

"I just watched the conventions--it certainly isn't happening there."

This play, she said, offers "a rational, moral discourse..I was gonna say intercourse."


"You gotta see the play!"


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Memo to Debra please get Jim Bridges' ex to do a director's cut dvd of "Mike's Murder" with the Joe Jackson soundtrackQ


No, it's a good move for her, and she's done theater before. She came into this when Laurie Metcalfe dropped out.

musto moderator editor

PS: LuPone said that Mamet and Stephen Sondheim have been the two most influential people in her career.

bethesda topcommenter

This sounds quite the thing. I sort of want to see it.