Photo Homage To Hollywood Hunk Stephen Boyd

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Irish-born Stephen Boyd was best known as the chariot riding hottie in Ben-Hur--a guy whose dimpled cheeks and sculptured chin could distract the Christians even as they were being thrown to the lions.

But let's not forget his roles opposite Susan Hayward and Doris Day, not to mention The Oscar, the rivetingly trashy 1965 expose of a cad who kills to win a golden trophy.

Amazingly, the film was nominated for two real Oscars, one of which it lost to Fantastic Voyage, which Boyd was also in!

The man was everywhere--and hot everywhere.

Boyd always projected a gay vibe to me, but whatever he was, he was sizzle-lean.

Check out my assembled proof of his celluloid allure.

From chariots to scooters, Boyd was always in the driver's seat. Get Hur.

No, this is not a still from "Priscilla."

Nor is this a shot from happy hour at the Ramrod.

In this nicely fitting suit, Boyd gave moviegoers quite a Fantastic Voyage.

Was he Jumbo? Well, Dodo seems happy.

Lifting the fab Eleanor Parker in "The Oscar." But the cad flings her back down again and calls her old!

Why do I never turn to my left while traveling and see something like that?

With Jean Seberg in "Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!" one of the films that killed Boyd's career. But his legacy--and dimples---live on.

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