Porn Star Convicted Of Attempted Murder

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Don't hit your ex-girlfriend over the head with a toilet tank lid.

That's the heady message behind Ryan Idol's plight.

Idol--real name Marc Anthony Donais--is a 47-year-old ex star of gay porn flicks who in 2009 got into an altercation with the lady who'd just moved out of their condo after their breakup.

The woman said on the stand that when she was taking a bath, Idol knocked on her door, immediately threatening to kill her.

He testified that he thought she was holding a knife, so he smashed her head with the toilet tank lid in self defense.

I guess they believed her.

And I feel that just as the image of porn stars was getting a tiny bit lovelier, the one of ex porn stars is suddenly beyond repair.

Donais, don't tell!

UPDATE: Sorry, the conviction was actually last year. He apparently has a new court appearance today. Says Wikipedia: "Idol then appeared in court on January 13, 2012 requesting a retrial 'citing ineffective assistance of counsel'. He appeared in court on 13 July 2012 with a motion for a new trial, and is to reappear in the Sacramento County Courthouse on September 21, 2012."

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gotta love girls having anal sex these days!


You gotta give him points for originality., at least. I mean, how many toilet tank assaults can there be in the annals of crime?


He was also attempting a legitimate acting career. Wasn't he in the cast of the most recent NY production of "The Ritz"?


@mikeymusto He was convicted a year ago. But he's having a hearing today on his request for a new trial.


@mikeymusto when i think how many times ive jacked off to his videos ewwww

jackson30 topcommenter

This is the real American (Ryan) Idol. Sad.

bethesda topcommenter

Ryan Idol always said he was bi. Can it be true?