Lower East Side Neo-Burlesque Palace Is Returning!

Categories: Nightlife

The Slipper Room opened in 1999 and quickly became the hub of the neo-burlesque movement, pulsing with saucy strippers and drag king comics bringing back an old-time vaudeville feeling with more modern, knowing attitudes towards gender and sexuality.

Well, the joint closed for renovations two years ago and it will finally reopen this fall (167-Orchard Street), complete with better lights and even new fly rigs for acrobats.

Oh, yes, there will be acrobats--not to mention a promised assortment of "music, magic, comedy, puppetry, animal acts, striptease, and more."

It's Ed Sullivan meets Al Goldstein!

I just hope the animal acts won't coincide with the stripteases.

The two-floor club will also host four weekly variety shows produced by co-owner James Habacker, all with a live band.


If variety is the spice of life, long may the new Slipper Room play on.

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bethesda topcommenter

That's the best photo I've ever seen.

jackson30 topcommenter

I spent so much time in this place. I hope it's not too glossy now because the semi-seediness was a big part of its charm.