The Catholic League Responds To My Obama Bobblehead Writeup

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Earlier today, I posted Catholic League irritant Bill Donohue's video in which he blew steam about the resurrection of Andres Serrano's Piss Christ work, which is being shown in a NYC gallery.

I talked about how, in the video, Donohue unveiled his own master opus, a bobblehead of President Obama steeped in cocky doody--though Donohue wussed out, only managing to place the doll in brown Play-Doh.

Well, a rep from the League quickly struck back at me with this blistering email:


Just wanted you to know the correct term is 'magnum opus,' not 'master opus.'

Jeff Field
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights"

That was actually a pretty cute reply.

It didn't state any objection to my having called Donohue a blowhard, not to mention my noting that he regularly shoots crap out of his mouth, it only alluded to a relatively minor linguistic gaffe.

But I felt equally capricious and wrote back:

"No, the correct term for your profound leader is no doubt Magnum ice cream bars."

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Most people, regardless of their religion, think their bosses are douchebags. This guy probably feels the same.


He must have pee on the brain. He must be thinking about Magnum Pee I.


@mikeymusto I thought magnums were against his religion