Cheyenne Jackson Tells Me About Playing An Adult Film Star

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The Performers is the imminent Broadway play that has various old friends reuniting at the Adult Film Awards in Las Vegas.

No, it's not another Arthur Miller revival.

At a meet-and-greet at the Hard Rock in Times Square yesterday, Cheyenne Jackson--who plays the porn-again Mandrew--divulged to me why he's jumped atop this sexy, pecsy project.

"It's a love story that's set in the adult world," the Tony nominated actor/singer told me.

"It's the best script I've read in years.

"It poses the question, 'Are you what you do for a living? Does it define you?'

"I interviewed some adult stars for research."

He declined to say which ones.

But Cheyenne found that some of them are quite introspective most of the year, while on the awards night, it's their big moment to shine.

Will they show an actual clip from a porn movie his character has done when they announce the nominees?

Cheyenne said that's quite probable.

And how about the outfits? The gladiator one (see below) is rather eye-popping.

"Adult stars are very comfortable with their bodies," he said.

"Their body is their costume.

"In the play, my body is my costume.

"And there will be some outfits with even less material!"

"This is a long way from Finian's Rainbow, isn't it?" I remarked.

"Yes," agreed Cheyenne, grinning.

"It's a long way from Rainbow Valley."


Cheyenne Jackson as Mandrew.jpeg
Photo by Matt Hoyle

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Could be a terrific play but the poster art makes it look cheap and sleezy (and not in a good way) and will turn off potential audiences. Ad artwork looks like off-off Broadway in some basement theatre with folding chairs and no restroom.


I'm thinking...tragic something or other happens in 3,2,1...


This all sounds maybe a little too gay for Broadway even though it's straight.


His thighs are my best friends in the world, though they don't know it.