Two New Tracks On Whitney's Greatest Hits

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When I Will Always Love You--The Best Of Whitney Houston drops on November 13, it wil include two new cuts:

*A duet version of "I Look To You" with R. Kelly, which producer Clive Davis swears is an instant classic.

*And "Never Give Up," written by Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox and Johnta Austin and produced by Dupri and Cox.

Here's the complete track listing:

1. You Give Good Love

2. Saving All My Love For You

3. How Will I Know

4. Greatest Love Of All

5. I Wanna Dance With Somebody

6. Didn't We Almost Have It All

7. So Emotional

8. Where Do Broken Hearts Go

9. I'm Your Baby Tonight

10. All The Man That I Need

11. I Will Always Love You

12. I'm Every Woman

13. I Have Nothing

14. Exhale

15. I Believe In You & Me

16. My Love Is Your Love

17. I Look To You featuring R. Kelly

18. Never Give UP

Sounds good, but everybody please join me in chanting:

"Where's 'My Name Is Not Susan'?"

We're not gonna take this!!!

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it does say greatest hits. looks like a winner. def., a christmas stocking stuffer. office gift. grab bag.

go! whitney.


As usual, we are missing "Step by Step", not the movie/album version (it drags), but the magnificent Junior Vasquez Arena Anthem Mix!

epac666 topcommenter

I know no one here will agree…but I think Whitney Houston birthed (or helped birth) a HORRIBLE trend in female pop singers…that of the “Screaming Mimi”. In other words, the more air you can fill your lungs with and the LOUDER and longer you can hold a note, the better a singer you are. (Just look at the current crop of “talent” shows littering primetime.)


Which is complete and utter nonsense. Make fun of / dismiss Dolly Parton all you want, but her version of “I will always love you” outclasses Ms. Houston’s by miles (I wonder how many people here have even heard her version?). Dolly’s original is more subtle but shows TRUE SINGING, how to use one’s voice in different ways, vibrato, etc. All the remake does is push all the needles into the red with no thought of how it impacted the song. She sang it as loud as possible until it became tortuous.


Sorry, but the truth has to be said. RIP Whitney, but your singing did nothing for me…except give me a headache.


Musto is the ultimate Diana Ross so you need to shut up, as's possible to like more than one thing.


What? No "It's Not Right (But It's OK)"?!?! That's so not OK.


I can't believe you're a fan of such schlock, Diana Ross's catalogue is infintely more entertaining and she didn't oversing everything.


This will sell like proverbial hotcakes, even without "Susan."


A little too much schlock in there, but I love my Whitney.



so, you´re going to pass up on this wonder offer clive has cooked up for you to make your holidays all warm by the open fire? it looks like a bargain.


Sorry, that was for the jerk who left the Diana Ross remark.