A New Take On Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

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Amy Morton and Tracy Letts play Martha and George in the Steppenwolf revival of Edward Albee's blistering tragicomedy Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and at a meet-and-greet the other day, Morton told me it's about the seventh or eighth time she's been married to Letts.


"Are George and Martha the ultimate passive aggressive couple?" I wondered, feigning a wise look.

"It's the ultimate couple," she replied.

"It's the ultimate everything."

"Is Martha a malicious nightmare?" I asked, trying to come off penetrating.

"No!" said Morton (who was Tony nominated for Letts' August: Osage County).

"She deeply, deeply loves her husband.

"She just got disappointed.

"It's 1962 and she's not allowed to have a job, she can't have kids, and she wishes her husband's job was higher up.

"I think she's incredibly passionate."

Well, how will Morton--who customarily gives subtly honed performances--be subtle this time around, considering some of the fiery lines Martha gets to toss off?

"Maybe I'm not this time," she said, laughing.

"You'll have to tell me!"

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