Anne Hathaway And Audra McDonald Sing Gay Marriage Song To Each Other!

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It happened tonight at Perfectly Marvelous, a benefit for the Public Theater at Joe's Pub, starring Anne Hathaway, Audra McDonald, and other biggies doing the naughty, bawdy songs from Cabaret.

I'll let stylist to the stars Christian Freedom--who was there--lay it out for you:

"It was a sit-down dinner.

"Midway through dinner, the smoke alarm went off. Everyone had to go outside and wait on the sidewalk until we were allowed back in. Someone cracked, 'This is the hottest benefit in town'.

"Back inside, Anne, Audra, and Eddie Redmayne came out and started by singing 'Wilkommen'. At one point, Audra added in, 'The gays are beautiful.'

"Anne mostly sang Sally Bowles' songs, Eddie was Cliff (he has an excellent singing voice), and Fraulein Schneider, the landlady, was Linda Lavin. She did the pineapple song with Harvey Fierstein, which was hilarious.

"Audra played different roles. She sang 'Maybe This Time' and she brought the house down. People were crying. Anne sounded amazing. She has a lovely voice and she acted every song. She sang 'Mein Herr' and she sat on men's laps and kissed people in the audience and played with this one guy's hair. She was even stroking the mic stand like she was giving it a hand job. She said, 'It's so hot in here. It's as hot as a whore in church.'

"Also, she sang 'Married' with Audra. Anne said she just married a great guy and Audra just did the same, so they wanted to sing 'Married' as a duet, but they thought they should sing it as if they were two women who got married to each other.

"So it became a piece about gay marriage. And Anne said, 'That's why I love being in New York because gay people can get married.' At one point in the song, Eddie Redmayne and Bryce Pinkham sang a bit of it to each other.

"Also, Anne dressed like a monkey and really got into it during 'If You Could See Her'."

Clearly this was an amazing show that would rock Broadway if it ever became a full-fledged production. The person who made the "hottest benefit" crack turned out to be right on.

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This is Anne Hathaway's year. She nailed Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises, gave a wonderful performance for this Public Theatre Benefit ( especially having to hold her own opposite the Genius Audra McDonald) , and it is obvious she has given an extraordinary performance with Les Miserables.  Hathaway has proven that she is that rare A-list movie stat, that is a  triple threat talent that can act and perform live. I truly believe she is getting the Oscar next year. 


The whole thing sounds like a Playbill waiting to happen. Yay for Anne.


Linda Lavin and Harvey Feinstein!  A couple made in Musical Comedy Heaven!