Beyonce's Out Of A Star Is Born! I Know Who Should Replace Her

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A Star Is Born has been redone even more times than my living room.

(See below for previous versions.)

And the throbbingly emotional show biz tale, filled with music and suicide, was set to be done one more time, with chair-talker Clint Eastwood directing and Beyonce starring.

But the singer had to bow out when the movie got delayed and scheduling became too complicated.

That leaves them with a big hole. Now neither the male nor the female lead are cast.

There's talk of Esperanza Spaulding, but I bet they'd have to screen test her even more times than they did George Lazenby when they wanted him for James Bond.

So here are my ideas:

Go rock--real rock, not like the Streisand version--and get Pink for the lead.

Or see if Adele can act and do an American accent. (We know she can play a doormat.)

Or just skip the whole thing and let us live with the multitude of Star is Borns we already have, thank you.

Barbra and Kris in the 1976 version. "Are you watching me now?" Yes, in many, many closeups.

The lushly beautiful 1954 version with Judy Garland and James Mason

Janet Gaynor (and Frederic March) were brilliant in the 1937 version.

What Price Hollywood 002.jpg
1932's What Price Hollywood? with Constance Bennett had similarities to the later Star is Borns.

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