Bryan Adams Gave Elton John A Photo of His Penis

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A photo of Adams' penis, that is--not Elton's.

This came up when Adams was on CBS promoting his new photo book.

Unfortunately not in the book is the shot of Adams' business, which the Canadian singer of "Cuts Like a Knife" sent to Sir Elton when the latter hit 47 (as the British star fondly remembers in the foreword).

"I didn't know what to give him, so I gave him a photograph of my penis," admitted Adams on TV.

"I thought he'd appreciate it."

Yeah, no kidding.

For a fancy creature like Sir Elton John, a penis is the gift that keeps giving, even if it's just a mere photographic representation of it.

I bet if Madonna gave Elton a photo of her penis, all would be forgiven.

Oh, buy the way, guess what Bryan Adams' current album and tour are titled?

Bare Bones.

You can't make this stuff up, people.

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To quote from an Elton John song:

"He's got his own big dipper, so he won't be needing yours."


Ah, the summer of 69 was probably on Elton's mind when he saw it.

bethesda topcommenter

I wonder if it cuts like a knife.


Did he enclose a magnifying glass?