Celine Dion Wins Drag Contest

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"Why the long face?" I joked to drag contestant Trannie Oakley at last night's So You Think You Can Drag? at New World Stages, where I was a judge along with author/promoter Justin Luke and Wicked's Kyle Dean Massey.

Trannie had just done an astounding number as Celine Dion, capturing her power, gratitude, and humility, even breaking into a lipsynch of her version of "River Deep, Mountain High" and convincing me the Canadian singer might be more than just elevator music.

He won the contest--which is hosted by quick-witted drag star Paige Turner--though there wasn't a bad drag in the bunch.

I thrilled to the feisty Tina Turner, slender Britney Spears, gap-toothed Madonna, and plus-sized Gloria Estefan.

They're all gems, but Celine drove all night to the prize, and her art will go on...

On the right, Turner and Luke. Photo: Richard Burrowes

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Celine is SO not funny and not campy and not an icon that this must have been pretty special. At least it's not the same old diva shtick.


Is Trannie Oakley the  star of Trannie get Your Gun?