Chris Crocker's First Gay Porn Scene! NSFW

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Chris Crocker went from yelling "Leave Britney Alone!" to "Leave my clothes on the floor!"

The talented drama queen is now officially a gay porn star with his own XXX-rated website, and his very first scene--some hardcore action with his ex boyfriend Justin Goble--is available for viewing.

Goble goble.

(I think you can also watch the entire film on the site, but it'll cost you.)

I'm thrilled for Chris, but I have to wonder if other YouTube sensations will follow similar career trajectories.

Will "Sexy Sax Man" play the intro to "Careless Whisper" while flaunting way more than just his bare chest?

Will the baby hamster who gingerly descends the stairs, lured by the promise of food, end up in a bestiality video?

Will Sherry Vine do a pee-pee video set in a bar bathroom stall?

Oh, she already did?

Never mind.


Chris in more innocent times, five whole years ago.

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