The Price Is Right's Male Model Has Gay Appeal

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"Drew Carrey's Male Call" is the title of the Enquirer piece I'm quoted in about how Rob Wilson is the first male model on The Price Is Right (something that surely wouldn't have happened when Bob Barker was hosting).

"I think it's great that we're catering to everybody, not just one specific group," Rob is quoted as generously saying.

And I agree, observing:

"This is great, and it's hormonal!"

Rob's abs, I note in the article, "have appeared on many popular gay websites and the gay community has definitely taken notice.

"The show has a large gay audience to appeal to, and the producers are finally recognizing that."

Let's face it. Gays watch it at the gym! They pretend not to look at the screen, but they do!

I also said it's wonderful that the long-running game show is acknowledging the fact that all the straight females who watch will appreciate this too!

Basically, it's good for everyone--except maybe intellectuals, not to mention straight men and lesbians, though they can surely enjoy the show's usual bevy of babes.

Photo: Showbiz Tonight's Facebook page.

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Rob is absolutely ADORABLE!  I'd love to see him shirtless on the show on a daily basis. But he's got the cutest smile. I'm sure glad we got the chance to vote him in as the male model!!!!


OK, now I've seen him.  He's perfectly "mannequin cute" in that eye-candy way, no alluring ("do I have a chance?" thing, which is perfect for the venue)....that's exactly how I thought of  Mr. Cruise in his early days...pre-whatever-olgy.


lol...and even if he did give me a chance, I'd give him the old bathouse line: "resting!!".


...and yes!  They got him in a swimsuit in the "Showcase Round" to showcase his abs...and to dangle the cliffhanger that he may be back.


Oh dayamn!!! His stint is already over??!!! I would've watched....oh wait, today's friday and it's only 10:23...yippee!!!

jackson30 topcommenter

"Except maybe intellectuals," lol.