Gay Hotel Security Goes Wacko Over Wolfman

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Ves Pitts
Rob Roth is a performer/director who plays a Cocteau-esque wolfman full of woe and longing.

He was in full costume at the Out NYC gay hotel, where Out There magazine was having a party, and where a room was allotted for the evening's performers (like Rob) to get dressed up in.

Having done so, he was sitting in the courtyard rehearsing his lines when an overanxious security guard came barreling over and treated him like a vagrant.

The guy just couldn't seem to believe Rob was dressed like a wolf for a performance and that he was a legit person who deserved be hanging at the complex.

I guess he thought this is how homeless crashers dress nowadays!

Chalk it up to the magic of theater--or the horror of ineptitude.

Later, during the actual party, Rob barreled around with a bottle, bumping into people en route to the stage--fully in character, mind you.

Again, the guard got nervous and started getting on his case.

He even walkie-talkied for backup!

The crowd started acting a bit uncomfortable, wondering whether this was part of the show or not.

Yes, it is indeed part of the weird show that security has made itself the unexpected costar of.


PS: I just hope that at a gay hotel, they don't get nervous when they see a bear lurking around.

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The brave new world we live in is full of moronic over-zealous gate-keepers, security goons, and jerky drones who are "just doing their job." Isn't that what the Nazis used to say?! EVERYTHING is forbidden, against the rules, and illegal including being human.  


@mikeymusto Full of woe and lounging as well. Love you


LOL. Not too swift over at the Out.


You'd think after the first incident somebody would've told the security guy, "He's part of the's an act"


maybe, security got nervous because the werewolf only comes out during a full moon.