Gay Men Like Vodka, Lesbians Love Tequila

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The statistics are in and the big winner is anyone who happens to market vodka--especially gay vodka.

With gay men, a whopping 45% of those surveyed drink it. (With straight men, it's only 26%.)

Meanwhile, 29% of gays admit to drinking rum.

And 27% say they like cordials and liqueurs.

Everyone else is either a recovering alcoholic or a liar.

As for lesbians, their tastes are slightly different.


Because lesbians are not only all different from each other, just like snowflakes, but they're extremely different from gay men, linked only in their humanity, their homosexuality, and their love of stripes and polka dots.

For lesbos, 44% like vodka (as opposed to 25% of straight women).

27% enjoy cordials.

And 22% guzzle rum.

So actually, they're not all that different, except for one thing: Tequila is life's blood to them.

Thirty five percent of the polled lesbians slurp the stuff down as if it were the heavens' rain, way more than gay men, straight men, and straight women would ever imagine doing, even when severely parched.

A lesbian walks into a bar that serves tequila and in five minutes, you have to call the police, an ambulette, and some polka dot cleaner.

Oh, and they also like to eat out more than gay men.


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Gay men, we love to party hard and stay hard. We drink hard as well. I love a good drink at the club while getting my groove on. Its not true but its not far off ;)


do gay men have a higher rate of alcoholism than str8s?


@mikeymusto Oh, Mikey, this explains so much. I thought there was something wrong, but now I get that I’m a lesbian in a fag’s body. Cheers!


@mikeymusto I must have crossed over, because I am a huge fan of @tequilatromba! I'll bring some to NYC for the @INGNYCmarathon for you ;)

jackson30 topcommenter

And I will always remember that lesbians are like snowflakes. It will help me get through it.

jackson30 topcommenter

This is eye opening and head spinning!