Marsha P. Johnson Doc Is Now On YouTube

Categories: Transsexuals

I'm one of the talking heads in Pay it No Mind: The Life and Times of Marsha P. Johnson, the documentary about the legendary performer/activist whose life and mysterious death are still being dissected--though Marsha's resonance grows stronger every minute.

And now you can see for yourself.

The entire film has gone up on YouTube for you to pay it some mind.

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alston_g 1 Like

I have fond memories of Marsha. She had a big heart and well liked by all  She was not phony and hada a generosity of spirit that t I'll never forget

PhilNY 2 Like

I saw this at IFC when you did the Q&A panel. It was a great night and I will certainly watch it again.


It's so great when fringe characters like this who are actually very integral to the movement are celebrated and remembered.