Mitt Romney Will Lead Us Into An Age Of Sheer Stupidity

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My new column is a bracing look at what a vote for Mitt Romney will amount to:

A solid endorsement of intolerance, lies, and most of all changing his mind!!!

Romney has flip flopped more than beachgoers did at Fire Island all summer.

He's for abortion; no, he's against it.

He's for a certain policy, but once it's called Obamacare, he's against it.

He loves Big Bird, but he wants to kill him (and probably doesn't even know about other shows on PBS, like Downton Abbey).

He's not sure what he's for.

But I'm sure I'm not for him.

I admit that Mitt has developed a certain slick, oozy bravado that could be mistaken for professionalism, but don't be fooled.

Read the column and laugh. And think. And vote. For the other guy.

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We entered the Age Of Sheer Stupidity when the Tea Party took over the GOP.

bethesda topcommenter

And the ending is truly priceless.

bethesda topcommenter

Brilliant column, getting a lot of coverage.