Oscar Nominee Playing A Horny Paraplegic Looks Hot

Categories: Film

John Hawkes is the acclaimed actor known from Deadwood and Oscar nominated as the meth addict dad on the lam in Winter's Bone.

He generally is made to look like some hillbilly run amok, with crow's feet, gingivitis, and lots of facial hair.

So it might be considered ironic that in The Sessions, in which he plays real-life journalist Mark O'Brien--a paraplegic in an iron lung--Hawkes looks really hot.

I have to admit I found Hawkes very facially attractive in the film, and his thin, tight body looks amazingly do-able too (though it's painful to watch him play a disabled person contorting and struggling all the time).

But again, he looks sextastic!

In fact, I was a little jealous of Helen Hunt as the woman who he brings in to deflower him.

("First off, I'm not a prostitute.")

All right, it's official.

I'm superficial.

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