Seth MacFarlane Talks About What He'll Do As Oscar Host

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Like his creations Stewie (from Family Guy) and Ted, Seth MacFarlane is kind of impishly cute yet snickeringly barbed and racy.

And I imagine that's exactly the combo he'll bring to his job hosting the next Academy Awards.

I can't say I'm surprised Billy Crystal isn't coming back for a 10th hosting gig. He was sunk by tired, weary material last year.

And the year before that...Well, let's not crucify those two again.

They've been paying the price ever since that fatefully ghastly night.

So the producers have gone with a funny person who's career-hot right now and can presumably think on his feet and be relatively interesting/amusing.

And here's what else he says he can do.

It includes music and possibly even tweeting.

Anyone think he's shaping up to be a sort of American Ricky Gervais?

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If Oscar had any balls he would let Ricky G host. 


I can't with this guy... or Jack Black!

jackson30 topcommenter

Kind of a blah choice. I doubt he'll come back to do it more than once.