"Sickening" Is The New "Fabulous"

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And it's sickening!

I mean annoying!

Which doesn't mean "fierce"!

But for some time now, the kids--especially gay ones--have taken over the word "sickening" and applied it to anything they love.

They'll prattle on about how that outfit is sickening, that movie is sickening, that sample sale is sickening--all with a giddy smile and two thumbs planted upwards in the air.

And it's mental.

I'm tired of words being turned around to mean the opposite of what they were intended to mean.

I've gotten in trouble calling loved ones "bitch" and relatives the c-word.

It's too exhausting to try to explain to them, "It's ironic! We've seized the word to regain power over it, so we can divest it of its impact and make it a term of endearment."

It's so much easier to just say "fabulous."

No explanation or rationale whatsoever is required.

So let's stop saying that really terrific things are sickening.

Unless you mean it!

Using it as a compliment makes me sick!

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No one, I mean no one can ever tell me that being called a "fag" or a "queer" is a normal part of common parlance. I've had to live through the years of hate speech and I'm not about to let it go now. I'm only in my fifties so i don't consider myself old or on some damned shelf, but I will tell you something, I was there when IMPORTANT things were being decided in ACT UP and QUEER NATION; I was part of The Heritage of ride, designing one of the years' logos (1987, I think...the one with the rainbow and the big "We The People..." on it). My hair is still naturally brown and I get out enough for my needs. But, there are just some words that hurt too deeply and the pain of those hurts can never be erased. Hey, you arrogant twinks without a sense of direction, I'm talking to you: We are the ones who made it possible for you to have this 'laissez  faire' attitude engulf your life and prevent you from speaking to those who fought for your right to take words and screw with their meanings just to get your rocks off...Now, go Kiki! Uggh!