Thank You, Donald Trump!

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Blowhard businessman-slash-press-whore Donald Trump has been bloviating about having some bombshell up his sleeve that will hurt Obama's chances.

Well, word has leaked out that it's just might be the contention that in 2000, Michelle Obama had divorce papers drawn up, though obviously the couple didn't go through with the breakup.

Oh, shocking! So damaging! Devastating, right?


So many couples end up in divorce that this kind of thing--if true--hasn't been a scandal since the 1950s.

What next--they're Commies?

Besides, they didn't get divorced, remember?

They worked it out and stuck together and have a perfectly lovely unit.

So if anything, the Obamas' rocky times (which they've alluded to) are a testament to the fact that a relationship has ups and downs but is worth sticking with if you get satisfying results like these.

And consider the source.

A publicity seeking birther who had one of the most high-profile divorces in history when wifey and the younger mistress enacted a mutual awakening on the slopes of Aspen.

It was the split heard 'round the world--and he had another one after that too!

And as you'll recall, two years ago, Trump had thrown himself into the potential pool of Presidential candidates, undeterred by his own appalling personal history.

I personally felt his divorces weren't a problem with his candidacy--just the fact that he's a total oaf.

Anyway, if this bit of lameness is really the sizzling dish he's got, it will only help the Obamas, so I want to thank Trump for doing this--and also for not running for President.

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bethesda topcommenter

So it turned out he had no bombshell at all! Just said he'd give 5 mill to charity if Obama released personal documents. In other words, "Obama, YOU supply the gossip." And there IS none, anyway. A sad, pathetic fat soul, Trump is.


would someone take that microphone in front of trump's mouth and

thrust it down his throat? thank you.


Hey Trump, how about doing something worthy like raising money for Vets wounded in one of the two bogus wars started by your neocon friends.


I'm sick of this man who just wants to hurt people and has nothing constructive to add to the dialogue.

musto moderator editor

Now they're saying it'll be that Trump says Obama had nothing to do with bin Laden's killing. Actually, DUBYA had nothing to do with bin Laden's killing. At least under Obama's administration, it did happen.

musto moderator editor

Trump has tweeted that speculations about what his bombshell will be are wrong, so I guess this isn't it. Whatever it is, though, I'm sure it will be every bit as lame as his birther campaign.


@mikeymusto I can't stand him its amazing how sweet Ivanka turned out w/ a nasty father like that she obviously gets it from her mother

bethesda topcommenter 2 Like

If anyone in the world should not be pointing fingers about divorce, ti's the Donald. Oink oink.

ladybug9 1 Like

Priceless stuff. What an ass.