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It's the week of our "Best of NYC" issue, for which I wrote a featured nightlife interview, plus plenty of items, including best door person, nicest drag queen, and best after-theater hangout.

But let me add one:

The Best Celeb To Follow On Twitter is...

The political satirist and co-creator of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead.

Lizz has the right idea when it comes to tweeting her public.

She'll vary self-promotional tidbits with wry observations, political outrage, and flat-out jokes, always keeping them on the lightly barbed side.

A sample run of her tweets, shot out from a flight:

"There is a breeze at my feet. This is unsettling."

"Also, the ghoulish Delta flight attendant on the instructional video has her skin pulled tighter than a set of bongos."

"There needs to be more discussion about why they chose that Deltaborg to give the instructions on the video. The only place on her face that moves is the side of her nose."

"Seriously, if your face has morphed into the butt cheeks of a newborn, get some help."

"Also, the real flight attendant looks like Jan Brewer, so I am confused."

Just then, they must have made Lizz--and Alec Baldwin, no doubt--turn off their equipment, but the second they landed, she started up again.

Yay! Follow!


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Is she the woman who got driven out or fired from the Daily Show by Jon Stewart?


@lizzwinstead @mikeymusto I’m following both of you! How cool is that? Thank you for posting tweets and allowing us in among you giants!


@lizzwinstead @mikeymusto I'm glad to say that I made the "follow" choice long before this recommendation.


@FLaKeyBS @lizzwinstead Our pleasure.


@mikeymusto Thanks for the reply. Miss seeing you on Keith’s show. Where else do you show up?


@FLaKeyBS I'm on Theater Talk tonight at 1 AM, Channel 13 in NY. Also show up on various other channels. Thanks.