A Great Year For Makeup at the Movies

Categories: Film

Cloud Atlas: A movie about makeup
Last year was pretty decent, makeupwise, with Margaret Thatcher going against the apes for the Oscar, and winning paws down.

But this year, movieland has come up with an even more exciting batch of blush jobs, the makeup artists going out of their way to use a full palette of cosmetics and prosthetics in order to transform stars into awards contenders.

Among the Oscar front runners:

If you ran into him on the street, you'd say "Pleased to see you, Mr. President!" Not something you'd ever say to Mitt Romney.

Good eeeeee-vening. Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock. Phat chance.

Oscar may find that nominating this movie will be a hard Hobbit to break.

Les Miserables. Though maybe it'll be nominated for best LACK of makeup.

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