All 85 Best Actress Winners Hilariously Impersonated By One Spunky Dude

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The Doomsday Diaries guy is back.

He's the wiry, versatile talent who does videos where he uncannily recreates Oscar winning performances and comes off better than the originals (partly because his versions are way shorter and pithier).

Well, he's gone for the big one this time--Best Actress--and totally nailed it.

Brace yourself for Claudette Colbert's calf, Joan Crawford's shoulder, and Jodie Foster's leather jacket, among other triumphant appendages.

If the Oscars had any sense, they would show this video during the next telecast.

It would make them relevant again.

Enjoy--even though Meryl gets a bit testy towards the end.

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FANtastic...I couldn't stop at this one video, I watched about 15 or so and I am exhausted.  So much for working this evening, I need a nap.  Good Night Diariesofdoom and sweet dreams.


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That was great! My favorites were Patricia Neal, Anna Magnani, and, of course, Susan Hayward. Impressive dancing for Black Swan.


@mikeymusto I’ll have to wait until I can get on the ol’ PC I guess. No workee on iPad!

bethesda topcommenter

My faves are Marion Cotillard and Sandra Bullock, but they're all great. This kid's a genius.