And Our New President Is....

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Neither of the above people.

According to several major news channels, it's the same as the last President!

And I haven't been so relieved since Snapple introduced Go Bananas!

It means we won't have a leader who wants to overturn rights gained by women, gays, and gay women.

It means we can stick to the relative sanity of a man who does not practice ivory-tower politics and isn't nearly as familiar with flip-flopping, pandering, and bad ideas as his horrid foe has proven himself to be.

It means you actually read my current column about the need to avoid endorsing a glorified used car salesman for President!

So thank you, American people!

In reading me, you saved all our futures.

I mean, if we had to usher in a Romney administration, I would have felt like Endora when they brought in a new Darrin!

(That observation alone would have had President Romney shrieking that I shouldn't be allowed to get married.)

So yay, Obama.

But it would have been nice if the channels occasionally referenced New York State and how many votes it was pulling in for the Big O, instead of just painting it blue on the map and leaving it at that.

I know we were a big "duh," but some details would have filled in the picture, newscasters.

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Yes!! This was a vote for inclusion, for progress, for the future, not for returning to tired old "values" that don't work for society. Thank you Musto for writing so much persuasive stuff against Romney all throughout the campaign.


And what an acceptance speech!


Obama HAS to be the first President to mention gay people in his acceptance speech.


The difference between an inclusive candidate and campaign and an excluding one.


We are not only  watching, we are participating in History being made.




A comic just tweeted: Mitt Romney will next appear on Dancing with the Stars.


I thought the lack of NY coverage was odd too. So what if it's obvious? Let us know the tallies.