Congrats to Channing Tatum, But Here Are 59 Other Sexy Famous Guys

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Channing Tatum was a great choice for People's Sexiest Man Alive.

Not only is he a walking fantasy on a stick, but he's smart, successful, and according to the accounts I've heard, a decent guy (except for refusing me an interview once, but hey, maybe he just didn't want to meet his love match.

A lot of stars don't have time for that sort of thing!)

Anyway, there are plenty of other sexy people stomping around Hollywood and environs.

You can count approximately 59 runners-up in this race--in fact, it's exactly 59 runners-up, according to this link, which put together a delectable slide show of the hubba-hubba contenders.

They include everyone from David Beckham to Usher to Ryan Gosling to...

Well, see for yourself.

All that clicking should keep your hand busy for a while.

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Not as many good lookers as I would have thought--too many young pretty boys.  Out of 'em all I'll go with the still-sublime George Clooney anytime.  (P.S. I thought a shirtless Ty Burrell was pretty damned hot last night on Modern family.)    


Channing Tatum O'Neal?  Really?  He reminds me of those boring bottoms in Falcon videos who just lay there like yesterday's fish.


Channing Tatum? Please. Should have been Stockard Channing.


Beckham is definitely number one in any race, but they probably wanted to stick with an American (and someone with a hot career).