First Gay U.S. Senator Ever!

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Um, I mean the first openly gay one.

Tammy Baldwin is being projected by some sources as a new Senator from Wisconsin.

And the good news keeps coming at us so hard I'm not even worried about tomorrow's nor'easter.

That much.

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The triumph of Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is wonderful enough.  At this writing, it appears that anti-gay John Boehner lieutenant Mary Bono Mack has LOST to emergency room doctor Raul Ruiz in California's 36th congressional district.  She has conceded.  Her 5th husband, Congressman Connie Mack lost his Florida Senate bid to incumbent Bill Nelson.  That these two offal nut jobs are off the stage is a blessing that's part of this cycle's tapestry.  Dr. Raul Ruiz has defeated Mrs. McGilicuddie.  Thanks for allowing this platform to alert gay people that this could happen.  It just did.

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And Tammy Baldwin has made history!!!!


This is the best night I've ever had--since the lights came back the other night.


Seriously, a beautiful night.