Five New Movies That Helped Get Me Through The Blackout

Categories: Film

I was so desperate for any entertainment--and for the chance to see something with illumination, heat, and a bathroom in the rear--that I adored every single film I saw during the blackout.

Maybe when sanity returns, I'll re-evaluate them--for most of them, it's too soon to serve any critical judgment anyway--but for now, I can definitely recommend something about all of these:

ANNA KARENINA. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. We're talking downright krasivaya.

ARGO. A terrific ensemble delivers the period goods, which manage to satirize Hollywood while capturing world politics--and facial hair.

AMOUR. A heartbreaking story of an old man (Jean-Louis Trintignant) who suddenly becomes caregiver for his ailing wife (Emmanuelle Riva). Potent stuff.

LINCOLN. Not since ET has Spielberg delivered a strong-jawed creature with such dignity. Very good acting here. And again, the facial hair!

You just saw the making of "The Birds" on HBO. Well, this one's about the making of "Psycho"--a film that Hitchcock was almost alone in wanting produced. Someday we might even get the making of "Hitchcock"!

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