Guess What Gay Republicans Are Like?

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No, not Jewish Nazis.

I've already gone with that analogy, to deafening response.

I also called them black Klan members and roaches who moonlight as exterminators.

In trying to label these self-loathing human conundrums, one tends to get into linguistic territory that's as potentially offensive as they are.

But raconteur Justin Sayre had a whole new comparison in his The Meeting show at the Duplex last night, and it was almost whimsical.

"Gay Republicans are like unicorns," he declared.

"I can't believe they ever existed!

"But they're like evil unicorns," he clarified.

"The Log Cabin Republicans should call themselves Evil Unicorns and say, 'We can't believe we exist!'"

Nah, that's still too cute.

How about Jewish Nazis?

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I've always favored Chickens for Colonel Sanders.


Queer is queer , end of story.


Chicken soup recipe is still a chicken soup recipe.


SouthernDave 1 Like

How about that good ol' standby  "Crazy"?


Isn't that what you are when you're working with people who want  to eradicate you from the face of the earth?

SavannahMontgomery 1 Like

"the imprinting from infancy of their parent(s) registration,"


You hit the nail on the head...they can live in the bluest state/city, go to the "wildest" clubs, yet they vote like their folks....and see nothing wrong with that....and it tends to lower the flame on that gay thing.



 We got hold of the recent GOP platform from the defeated Mary Bono Mack's local district office.  It is mean.  Helps lots to be male, white and either protestant or Catholic.  Reeks of misogyny.  The leftover imperialism from the Spanish-American war, the subsidies for British Petroleum in our Gulf, women's genital issues - MAMMA MIA - that is also what is wrong with gay republicans.


The generalization that comes to mind is greed, inane materialism, the love of lording over others, the imprinting from infancy of their parent(s) registration, not much empathy nor much jesus in their christianity, alas.  But it's deeper and darker then the quick barb.  There's a book here; certainly calls for the community's discussion as to the gay rightists' imperative.  Indeed, these people endorse the current Republican Party platform.  Read it and weep.


Love it! The elephant mascot should be changed to an evil unicorn!


The gay Repugs need to break their horns off and become horses that are sent to the glue factory, like all the other Repugs.