It's King Kong vs. Spider-Man On Broadway

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The New York Times' Patrick Healy reports that the mammoth Australian musical King Kong has its eye on NYC's Foxwoods Theater, but there's just one problem.

Another scary creature, Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, happens to be inhabiting that very place and even a large can of Raid couldn't get it to leave; the show is still racking up very good numbers, despite the reviews and lack of Tony awards love.

That particular theater is essential to both shows because it's huge and they're the kinds of spectacles that require wide open spaces.

But sorry, Kong.

Spidey has spread his web over the place and he ain't budging.

At least not until I send in a whole bunch of other creatures that will have everyone running out in horror (and with serious allergic reactions yet).

Yes, I'm planning to do Cats.


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"Incy Wincy Spider", "Eency Weency Spider", "Inky Binky Spider", "Inky Dinky Spider", "Ipsy Wispy Spider" or "Ipsy Dipsy Spider" from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Alright everybody, stretch it out.


Judging from that photo, Kong is even more mammoth than Spidey. Where will this lead? Gargantua the Musical?


Yes, bring back Cats!!! Why not? Everything else has been revived ad infinitum.


@blissbaby lol...not that I'd want it to happen, but...I could see a B'way goes "reality show/musical"..."The Patti vs Bernadette Smack-down:YOU are the judge!" 

They'd have to "cage" the audience!

"There ain't a house big enough, there ain't a sign big enough"